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Beauty's Beast - Amanda Ashley

This is a paranormal romance based on the beauty and the beast fairytale, my favorite theme.


It's quite a good romance, it starts really well, there are fantasy elements from the beginning when Eric is cursed into becoming a beast. Although I didn't care much for Eric or the reason he was cursed.


The transformation of Eric happens slowly, but he fears he is running out of time and he needs an heir to fulfill his promise to his father. Where would he find a women willing to marry a half beast?


Kristine is on death raw for murder and would do anything to save herself, even marry a total stranger who wears a mask.


As a romance this was good, the relationship development in the beginning between these two was written well, it's gradual and slow. Kristine was well written as well, her reactions and actions towards things made sense and were not rushed or unbelievable.


But unfortunately as the book progresses and we see more fantasy and paranormal elements things change. It starts to feel rushed and things happen that needn't be there, other scenes needed a little more explaining. Even the conversation between the characters starts to be stiff and flat.


It had a potential but it fell short.
I think it needed a bit of editing and a bit of concentration on just one side of the fantasy elements.

This review is for a free copy courtesy of Kensington Books via NetGalley.