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Siege of the Heart - Elise Cyr

The medieval setting comes to life, which I enjoyed, it was also accurate as far as I can tell and the story needed, and I thank the author for that.


William the conqueror has just succeed on the throne of England and Alex one of his Norman knights is rewarded with marriage to Isabel and claim on her lands.


The setting and idea was predictable, and most characters were one dimensional, except for Isabel.


I quite liked Isabel, her father allowed her freedom and learning, she took her duties and responsibilities very seriously.  She was skilled in riding and weapons and can hold her own, and although some of her actions were a bit naive, I think it comes from the fact that she was sheltered in some way.


The book is a bit realistic in its approach to the history and the romance, which I don't really mind, it doesn't sweep you away, yet if one likes history its enjoyable.


This review is for a free ARC courtesy of Kensington Books via NetGalley.