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Lawless - Diana Palmer

I will do my best not give out any major spoilers but really it's all so predictable.


You know from the beginning that Crissy is going to choose Judd, he is after all the main character, but he was a total jerk and I hated him.


Every time Crissy and Judd are together having one of their boring conversations or really irritating arguments I grit my teeth and want to stop reading, and if it wasn't an ARC that I needed to review I would have.


Judd tells Crissy he doesn't want her every time he sees her, even though she is his wife, even though he actually does want her, and she tells him that she wants him.  He complains about the lack of money, then buys expensive gifts for the supermodel, spends more time with her than he does Crissy, to the point he forgets important dates and occasions.  He ignored Crissy when she tries to explain to him about problems they're having at the ranch, until it is too late.  He doesn't listen to her, he doesn't respect her.


Who listens to her and respect her and treats her like she deserves?




The author knows enough to write a character like Cash, and then makes Crissy choose Judd over him! Seriously SERIOUSLY!!


I enjoyed the description of the ranch and the work, and everything else that was happening that didn't involve Judd.


I feel like I want to read more books by Palmer, maybe Cash's book!


<i>This review is for a free copy courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley </i>