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Blades of the Old Empire - Anna Kashina

At first I was confused and a bit lost, what was happening? Who was who? And why can't I feel any connection with the main character or the main romance!

Then I realized there is a book before this one, and I'm disappointed that I didn't read it.

Because I really enjoyed this one.
And I felt cheated in not knowing more about the characters, and the background.

Prince Kythar has magical powers in a land where it's forbidden, protected by a Majat (a warrior), he and his friends need to journey to where they can find support and help against an evil power that is rising.

The king his father is on a similar mission to another part of the (country?!)

I slowly became engrossed in their mission, and couldn't stop reading it.

And then something happened near the end and I turned into this grumpy creature that even my kids steered away from me. And for that to happen it means I was really into the book.

This might be a bit childish, but how could she do this to me( sniff sniff)

I didn't like or connect with the two main characters, Kythar and Kara. But there were a number of other characters that I enjoyed reading.

I might not go back to read the first book, but I'll be waiting for the next one to come out.

<i>This review is for a free ARC courtesy of Angry Robot via NetGalley.<i/>