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A mystery and romance set in China

The Jade Temptress - Jeannie Lin

Once again Jeannie Lin writes a setting that is extremely enjoyable, and characters that are interesting and different.

We are introduced to most of the characters in the previews book "the Lotus Palace" and pairing Wu with Mingyu did not come as a surprise.

General Deng, one of the most important people in the empire, is found dead by Mingyu, who goes to Wu, the constable, for help even though it is known by everyone that she despises him.
Or does she?
Wu is a hard man with secrets and a mysteries past. He does not know how to deal with Mingyu the favored and most sought after courtesan. He doesn't have pretty words or poetry in him, a straightforward man in all his actions and words, it seems farfetched that she would be interested in him.

Yet while he tries to solve the murder mystery their relationship goes through changes that makes him wonder about her true feelings and motives.

The mystery was really well written with a few surprises, it was not easy to figure out which kept me interested.

I'm hoping the next installment in this series is about Wei Wei whom we see briefly in both books.

<i>This review is for a free copy courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley.<i/>