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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie  -  Jennifer Ashley

Ok, so I get why Ian Mackenzie is such an interesting character, I was really interested in how he acted and his reactions, I wanted to know more.  He was the only thing that made me go on reading. Unfortunately it wasn't enough.  


I didn't like everything else that was happening in the book, I didn't like how fast Ian and Beth got together, I didn't like how the language was too descriptive in their too fast relationship, I didn't like how a person like Ian who once decides what he wants he focuses on it completely, can take his time trying to woo and seduce a woman who clearly said she was interested.

I didn't like how everybody was running around from London to Paris to London to Scotland!

I didn't like how with men like the Mackenzies no one bothered with the murder mystery until Beth came along.

And I didn't like how Curry and the Mackenzies can find out everything there is about a person in a matter of an afternoon without google!


This does not seem like a real review, but it is how I feel.