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These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

I'm not sure what drove me to look at this book, but I was instantly interested in knowing what happens to these two in an Alien Planet!


I'm not really a Sci Fi fan, I actually don't remember if I've read a Sci Fi book before, but really why not, apart from the interest I have in the plot, the reviews are really encouraging and the cover is gorgeous!


It doesn't take long to get into the setting, we're on a spaceship that is huge, it can hold around 50 thousand and it's really like a moving city than a spaceship. The privileged are into Victorian?! Fashion, they are dressed in corsets and flowing dresses and evening coats! The two main characters meet early one, there is instant attraction and the familiar different class dilemma arises, but not for long as the Icarus (spaceship) is in trouble and ends up crashing in a foreign planet where the only survivors are Lilac and Tarver.

Soon they are struggling to survive and trying to get help. But they also discover there are secrets in this planet that need to be uncovered in order to survive.


I enjoyed the writing, the chapters alternate between Lilac narrating and Tarver, in between these chapters there are bits of Tarver's interrogation after they are rescued.

I like that they were interested in each other before they crashed.


The plot was not entirely new, but I didn't mind because I was kept interested.


I think I might have rated it a bit higher if they were older! I know it's YA when I started reading it, put still, they were really young!