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The Pleasure of Your Kiss - Teresa Medeiros

Well, that was a total waste of time.

I think it's all that Harem setting that annoyed me the most.  It was stereotyped and exaggerated so much, I mean who is Farouk anyway to have all that, I'm being a bit if a history geek, but during that time the Sultan if Morocco was Adbdulrahman, I'm quite sure they only had one, so that would make Farouk a Sheikh really, and Morocco!! since when did they have such extravagance.

And ALL that talk about pleasure, as if it's all they did over there, they live it, they teach it, they practice it, they breath it.  I should have known from the title.


I tried to tell myself it's all not meant to be serious, but I couldn't enjoy it.


i skipped so much because it was just all eye rolling for me.


I did, however like Poppy, she was a fun character.


I've enjoyed Teresa Medieros books before, so I will not let this book stop me from reading more.