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Me Before You - Jojo Moyes

I've read so many five stars reviews on this book, and it has been highly recommended to me that I just could not not read it.


And then I wished I hadn't.


Because, despite the 2.5 stars, it was emotionally draining.


It's not about getting to know the characters, it's not about romance (which BTW there was none), it's not about the good writing (which it had). It was about what the book was about and the fact that it was WRONG. Leaving me in the end, unhappy and unsatisfied.


But before the end, there was another thing that bothered me, how in the middle of our main character narration, there comes a chapter of another character narrating, which added absolutely nothing to the book, except maybe annoy me.


Now, I'm not saying I didn't like it, but at the point where I realized what's happening I got upset, I kept reading while thinking "what's the point?"


Besides, it wasn't a new idea, it has been done before, so really what's the point?


I don't believe in what they call Mercy Killing, or whatever, it's not that I was told that it was not right, no I really DON'T believe in it.
It is just another way of justifying suicide. We have no right to take a life, there is a reason for everything, and disasters are a way to strengthen our faith and give us another kind of strength. Allah gives life and take it, and there is an end to everything at the right time.