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Things I Didn't Expect (When I Was Expecting) - Monica Dux

Ok, first of all I'm not pregnant.

But when I saw this on NetGalley I couldn't resist, why?
Because when you're pregnant and you have all those things and emotions and changes and all you really want to do is to express how miserable you really are, BUT also happy and grateful at the same time.  You are looked at with the "you've been trying to get pregnant and now that you are all you do is complain about it" look, that totally accuses you of being ungrateful and undeserving.
But I'm NOT you want to scream, it's just everything, everything, EVERYTHING in me is changing and "news flash" it doesn't get BETTER the third time.
Anyway, back to the book, I totally related to it, because it expressed most of how I felt and what I experienced, in a hilarious and witty way, and the author makes it a little bit personal with her own experience, which only makes us feel a little bit better.
We are not alone.
And I'm probably going to read it again if I ever get pregnant, "again" because I will need the moral support.
This review is for a free copy courtesy of Melbourne University Publishing bus Netgally.