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Firethorn - Sarah Micklem This book started rather slow and boring, but I stuck to it, and then I couldn't stop reading it.
I'm not saying that I liked it, it was really depressing and Firethorn (the heroine) was really annoying at times.
This book was really realistic in it's description of the setting, a war camp during a historical period that might be medieval, and the 3 page description of Sire Galan (we might think of him as our hero) donning his armor were really interesting, I totally enjoyed them.
But what I HATED about how realistic it was, the total lack of privacy, it took away any romance from the book, and left me with a bad taste.
I mean they managed to put up a curtain for the sick lady, why couldn't they do it for their own privacy??!!!
I also thought the book was violent in many ways.

The characters, other than Firethorn because she was the narrator, were lacking in character building.
All we know about them are the things they said to firethorn.
Sire Galan character certainly needed a bit more, I can understand why in some reviews people didn't like him and said the Firethorn deserved better, but to me, it was the opposite, I mean in the society described in this book Galan looked to me better than others, he might have treated her bad at times, but I think he didn't know better, He obviously cared for her, in his own way, it's just that the author made you feel that these people didn't really know what love is.
In fact my favorite part in the whole book(apart from the armor) was when he slapped her after thinking that she left him, I saw this as the first real sign from him that he actually cared!!
I found Firethorn to be a lacking characters in many ways, I hated her, honestly, the things she said always sounded to me as if she were stupid, and how she thought she might have been touched by the gods then she saw this vision that was showing her the way, and caused trouble for herself and the others to achieve it and then all of this ended up for nothing!! I didn't see the point on that.

It's true that I couldn't stop reading the book, and I also had no idea how it was going to end, but I didn't feel good after finishing it, I had to run and pick up a light funny romance after it to erase the affects.
I'm totally not interested in reading the sequel, I don't care what happens to Firethorn at all.