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The White Queen - Philippa Gregory The book got me hooked at the beginning, but then i started to lose interest as the story went. I found myself a bit annoyed that the characters didn't get any development, yes that might be true to most first person narrative books, but i have read some before in which you get to learn more about the characters as the story goes along, not so here.
I also found that the repetition was quite annoying, I was like, I got it the first and second time, no need to keep saying again and again, we know she had the names of her enemies in blood in her box, we know her brother was considered the greatest in the kingdom, although why?? i have no idea since she never tell us enough about him. We know about her ancestor the goddess of the water, and about the knight who told her his motto was never changing, see we know.

I'm not also sure about following the witch plot. I found myself a bit irritated at the fact the Edward won his battles and his crown because his wife and her mother whistled a wind, and blew mist. I mean I do like reading fantasy books, but this was supposed to be real history, and I don't believe that in real life.

I mean really Elizabeth came out in the book as a spiteful women who wanted revenge, and Edward came out as an idiot who only won because his wife can whistle wind??!!!

and I couldn't stand it anymore when they kept calling the prince Baby, really??!!

The historical details in the book were good, the battle descriptions were really well written, but still this book was not a good "Story".
And it was really lacking in romance, I would like to believe there is more to romance than saying every few pages "Bed, Wife" (rolls eyes)

I have enjoyed previous works by Philippa Gregory, her Tudor series was quite enjoyable, but this one just came out as a bad written book.

And since I know the history, I didn’t finish the book.