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Outlander - Diana Gabaldon I have finally decided to give up on this, I first tried reading it a few years ago because of all the really great reviews, but I couldn't, then I found a free e-book on Kobo and I tried again last month, again I couldn’t.

The main reason why I just couldn’t get into this book is because Claire is MARRIED, she is married, why do we have a heroine who is married, and on her second honeymoon, falling in love with another guy. I mean she is not even unhappy. How could it be romantic when she not only turns into an adulterer, but commits bigamy. I mean when I started reading it, I didn’t like Claire much, and she is also MARRIED.

I actually went to read a few spoilers on the book so that I would know if I was missing something, but the spoilers just made me NOT want to read the book even more. I’m glad I didn’t force myself to read it, only to, after a few hundred pages, reach a point where I would have stopped and thrown the book away.

So now, I’m giving up on reading it, sorry about that for all the people who liked it.