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To Sir Phillip, With Love  - Julia Quinn This is my second Bridgertons book, I find that I like her NON-Bridgertons more.

The thing with HR is that you know they'll end up together, yet you read the book and enjoy it, enjoy the "courtship", the relationship development, and the things that happen to the H/H in between, and you end up caring and cheering them up and wanting them to be together.

For me, that was not the case in this book, I didn't care, I was reading going: this is disappointing.

I think it was more Phillip's character, I didn't like him as all.
and I didn't think there was a romance, I thought the whole thing was forced upon us.

I still have two more Bridgertons on my shelf, after I read those I will decided if I want to read the rest of them, or just stick to JQ NON-Bridgertons books that I have enjoyed.