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The Falcons Of Montabard - Elizabeth Chadwick Chadwick writes history that takes you there, from the major events to the day to day life, it's engrossing, interesting and feels very much THERE! One is rarely disappointed with her books.
This one takes you to Outremer and the crusades, as we follow Sabin through his journey to becoming the man he is, and Sabin I have to say is the PERFECT hero (as perfect as Chadwick writes them, she writes really realistic characters complete with faults).
I really enjoyed the setting and the characters and the events, but I have to say that since I belong to the other side of the crusade I kept waiting for Sabin and Annais to realize that they have to go back home, to England! I never saw Montabard as they're home, or the war as they're war! To me they just didn't belong there and had they actually left at the end to England the book would have probably gotten 5 stars from me, but that IS a personal issue that didn't take away from how good the book was, or how much I enjoyed reading about Sabin!
Chadwick at the end of the book suggests books for further reading, one of which (Osama's autobiography) I'm very much interested in.
One last thing, I wish there was a map somewhere, the old names did not make it clear where exactly events where happening.