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The Scarlet Kimono - Christina Courtenay This book might have been better for me if I didn't have such high expectations for it.
From reading the plot at the back I thought this will be epic!!!! One of those that sweep you away to a different place and time!!! Not the case.

When I started reading it I didn't care much for the Herione I thought she was more like a spoiled teen!! And I thought it was really irritating and OLD, for her family to care more for "the not so good and virtuous" older sibling.

The writing style came to me as a bit immature, didn't care much for it, it was more telling than showing, we were told about every single thing, the H was angry, but me as a reader didn't really feel it. A lot of things happened in the book that were so convenient, the hero's seer foretold the Herione's coming, the Herione finding herself on a ship for two years with a Japanese cook, who taught her the language and the customs. More examples would be giving away the book.

I don't also understand why all the "westerns" had something wrong with them, except for our really smart and clean Herione.

The book had some good moments as well, but it felt more like a manga to me. The Japanese history was good but not enough for me, I think I knew it all and wanted more.

I'm not really in the mood for writing this review, but if I ever have a chance i might revise it.