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The Help - Kathryn Stockett Ok, I'll try not to get into serious topics with this review and just talk about the reading experience.

First, I have to say that the author is a good writer, I found myself neglecting other things to finish this book. She had good style and I could feel what the characters were talking about.

We have the three main narraters, Skeeter and the two maids, Aibileen and Minny.

From the three women narrating the book, Skeeter was the worst, I wanted her chapters to finish quickly and then I was skipping some pages. She just didn't make sense to me, I wasn't interested in her personal life and I didn't care. Until now I'm not even sure about her motive for writing the book.
There was this big secret about her mum and the previous maid, when it came out Skeeter was like shocked and disappointed in her mum, she was like I can't believe you did that? I was like anybody would do that living in that time, having unwanted guests doing that to you (trying not to give out spoilers here)

Two things I want to talk about:

Miss Celia, I totally connected with what she was doing, straight away I understood before it was explained, I know exactly how it feels, trying to do nothing at all and waiting in hope you don't have a miscarriage, but it doesn't work that way, that part affected me the most.
What I don't understand is why her character had to be like that??!!

And my second issue was "the pie", if you haven't read the book then you might not understand, but that was low and cheap and uncalled for, in my opinion the author made a terrible mistake and took away any feelings you might had about Minny, it just made me angry and disgusted.

Even though I said the author had good writing style, ( my english is a bit affected, until the next book) I'm not sure I agree with her.

This was a sad book.

And I'll stop here before I get too serious.