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Splendor - Anna Godbersen I'm not sure how to review this as a stand alone book, so I guess this review goes for the whole series! WARNING: spoilers ahead.

I have a confession, one reason why I finish these books quickly was because I never liked Lina's story and just skipped through her chapters, she was dishonest and I didn't like her at all..

Even though I gave these books a high star rating, it was more for the writing than anything else, I enjoyed the author's style, but I don't really agree with where she took the story!!?

Henry, from the beginning was disappointing, he just never seemed to be able to do what he really wants to do, he didn't take a stand, and then it was too late...

Diana was one of my fav characters until the end, I mean for someone who threw away everything, and didn't care about society and just did what she felt important, to come at the end and say that she didn't want to be the talk of society and just leave was a bit disappointing, I'm not sure if she loved Henry or the idea of being in love and going all the way for it!!??

Elizabeth I think was the most solid character, she knew what she wanted from the beginning, has her circumstances been different she'd have had her HEA, and in a way she did!!

Well, I have to say that Will's death was really sad and affected me that I was still sad about it and felt strange whenever Elizabeth thought of it even in the last book.

One final note, I have no idea why these are considered YA, they might not be very descriptive, but still!!!!

Will I read more from this author, only if I can borrow the books, I don't think I want to buy them anymore.