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Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn Ok, this book needed MORE!!

It had everything I like about a JQ book, the witty dialogues, the funny moments, characters you know, or ur sure u'll get to know in upcoming books!! And most importantly the feel good feeling that i read these books for... And of course a musicale we've been to before!!

And I enjoyed it, but not as much as I wanted. Because it just needed more... More to the characters.. More to the story!! More of everything!!

Both Marcus and Honoria were both interesting characters, I really like how Honoria loves the family and would do anything for them. And Marcus was different, shy and loves sweets is not your typical hero, but we needed to see more of him!!

I liked the second part were everything was happening around the musicale much better than the beginning of the book, which was really disappointing.

Would I recommend this book to others?? NO
Would I read more JQ?? YES