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Maid to Match - Deeanne Gist For some reason I thought this was a Christian romance, I still don't know if it is, there was no preaching , nothing in it that bothered me, I think it's more a clean romance.

The book is set in 1898, below stairs which makes it more interesting, Tillie aims to be ladies maid to the mistress of the manor, in comes Mack to the scene, he works as the "useful man", sparks start flying, tension builds up, it's all really well written and develops quite nicely, I find myself feeling it, problem is NO romance is allowed among the help.

There is also the story of the orphanage and the cruel manager, Mack is involved because his sister is there, Tillie because she wants to help the children!

And there is also Earl, Mack's twin!

There are enough details about the work below stairs, it was all really interesting, there were things I didn't know about, it was fun reading about it all.

What I didn't enjoy was the repeated mention of the fact that they had an elevator, electric bulbs "the Edison's", and the telephone!!

I enjoyed it, but still something was just lacking making me gives this book 3 stars instead of more!

Something about it that makes it a bit "simple"

Would I recommend this to others? Yes

Do I want to read more by the author? Yes, why not.