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What I Did for Love: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I don't usually read contemporary, but I've heard so many good reviews about SEB and her work that I had to give her a try, this one was the only one I could borrow, I would never have picked this book if I had more choices!

This book is set in Hollywood, and our H and H and everybody else are involved in show biz, Our heroine have just had a bad divorce, and her being a star, almost everything about it is public and paparazzi are following her everywhere!! Similarities to real actors are VERY obvious right from the beginning of the book, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie, but as the story progresses these similarities just fade away, too late, I already think about them and if I didn't like them then you lost me!
Georgie, our star, runs from the paparazzi and in the process finds her self with former co star Bram, known for his really bad reputation!, a drunk wedding in Vegas, a pretend marriage for publicity, and a chance to be in a really good movie, love and disappointments, and then HEA.

I enjoyed most of it, really good secondary characters, and I like how Brad Pitt was portrayed :), but I felt like it dragged a bit in the end, especially with the "suddenly he realizes he loves her" bit.

Over all not bad, but not brilliant either.

Two stars really, but I gave it a three because of the writing style.

Would I recommend this book to anyone: No

Would I still read more SEB: Yes, why not.