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Cleopatra's Daughter - Michelle Moran 2.5 stars
Some spoilers ahead, for those who know the history it might not be!

This is my third Moran book, I started reading it knowing that I will find myself transported to a different era were everything is vividly described, and the historical facts are full of inaccuracies!
I didn't mind, when I read "The Heretic Queen" I treated it like a HR, and that's why I enjoyed it so much, as long as I had my dose of Romance and beautiful historical setting that made me lose myself and lots of precious time!

NOT the case with this book.

This book talks about Cleopatra's daughter, so what did I know about the history, Cleopatra and Antony commit suicide, their kids taken to Rome, their daughter is then married to a King Juba, I thought I'll find myself in a romance set in Rome, great, that's a setting I don't know much about, then I started reading it, only to find myself reading from the POV of an 11 year old for almost two thirds of the book.
Selene talks to us about everything, the hardship of slaves, politics, rebels, adultery, babies, and even falling in love and jealousy! And I found myself irritated by this beyond reason, it might be because I'm too old to read about life from a kids view, who does not sound like a kid at all, and perhaps I was disappointed by the fact that I will not be reading the romance I expected, Juba was already 19 at the start of the book, what 19 year old would look at an 11 year old?

So here I am enjoying the Roman scenery and customs only to be interrupted by Selene reminding me of her age, I'm just glad she was already fifteen when she realized Juba's feelings!

Selene is always with her twin brother Alexander, Julia (Caesar's daughter) his step son and nephew ( sorry can't spell the names), and they are all close in age!
Julia is in love with Marcelous (SP??), they are engaged and sneak around, rent a room and have sex?!
Selene is jealous, Juba is jealous, and Alexander is in love with another boy!
And I'll stop now before I retell the whole book!

If not for the age of the characters I would have enjoyed this book much more, but I kept thinking that if Moran didn't find it difficult to be accurate, she could've made them a bit older, D*** it.

Overall not bad but could've been better.

Would I read more from this author?
Yes, in fact I've got her "Madame Tussuad" already on my shelves waiting.

Would I recommend this book?
No, not this one, but perhaps the first two.