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The Duke of Shadows - Meredith Duran I always find it difficult to review books that I like, it just seems that "I loved it" is not enough! I will try and do my best with this review.

The Duke of Shadows is written in two parts, the first part is set in India, I have to admit that it is this setting and the fact that our hero " Julian" is part Indian is the reason I bought this book.

It is India in 1857, and there is the threat of a mutiny from the Indian soldiers in the army, Julian having blood from both sides is a little torn, he is the heir to a dukedom in England, but he chooses to stay in India and help the British see the wrong of their ways, that they must not disregard the Indians, in that way he is helping both his people. Julian is not loved by both sides and his warning and advice are disregarded.

That is the scene Emma walks in when she comes to India the lone survival of a shipwreck. She is helped by Julian to escape during the mutiny, and they have a little adventure that does not end well.

That's when part two starts in London, where there is a little mystery to solve and a misunderstanding to clear.

I much preferd the first part, and there is this little scene in the second part that put me a bit off and I felt it was totally unnessecery, and it is the reason this book is a 4 star instead of 5.

Both the lead characters were very well written, Emma is a survival and she proves it time and again, the things she goes through are hard to read about, let alone experience, how she handles it and tries to survival the aftermath shows her strong character, despite how close she comes to breaking down.
Julian's character is sympathetic, and you can see him overcoming the hardship of his growing up in two different socities, away from loved ones, and the way these socities still treat him as a grown up! I mostly liked how he was (not typically) not stubborn during the misunderstanding and it was that, that helped solve the problem! I'm glad he wanted to talk!!

The love scenes were a little more descriptive to my liking, it is good that I usually skip them, but there was this little scene in the book that I think is the most romantic thing I have read in a while, it took my breath away.

I really want to read more books set in India(Far Pavilions is already physically on my shelf), but I wish for a hero who is a full Indian!

Would I read more from this author?
Yes, she had me engaged from the begining, I was happy, I was sad, I was worried and I sighed.. I was also sleep deprived!

Would I recommend this book?
Yes, enough said.