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The Wild Hunt - Elizabeth Chadwick Chadwick's first novel doesn't fell short, and delivers the realistic characters and the history that comes to live that I love and enjoy in all of her books.

Guyon, is ordered by the king to marry 16 year old Judith, and he finds himself with a child bride that is scared of her marriage, but is courageous and strong willed in everything else. Guyon is trying to do her right by waiting and treating her with respect. But past and current events seem to affect their lives and influence it. The relationship between them develops beautifully, and grows stronger as unrest and duty demands more of them. I found myself attached to Judith's character more, and understanding where her actions and feelings are coming from.

Has there been half stars ratings, I would have given it 3.5, because I was a bit bothered by (this might be a spoiler) the age of a certain character at the time he fathered a child!

Overall, another satisfying read from Chadwick and I'm looking forward to reading more by her.