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Master of Paradise - Virginia Henley Nicholas is bastard born to an English lord, his stepmom (who wants Nicholas) rubbed his inheritance and he leaves to the US.

In Charleston he doesn't waste time, buying land, buying slaves ( reluctantly), and getting a mistress ( who wants Nicholas). Soon he starts building his plantation and getting to know the Jacksons and their lovely daughters, 16 year old Jenny(who wants Nicholas) and 13 year old Mandy (who later wants Nicholas).

As his plantation prospers and his wealth increases,( every eligible woman starts wanting Nicholas), events are coming up to the Civil war. As Mandy's father needs to go to the Capitol for political reasons, he wants to entrust his family to Nicholas by marriage to his oldest Daughter, but Nicholas wants the younger Mandy since he first met her at 13 (creep) so he proposes a marriage through name only to the now 16 year old Mandy.

Needles to say, there is a tension between these two that builds up until Nicholas can't wait any longer for her to grow a bit more older, the war happens, the Stepmom (who still wants Nicholas) and the half brother reappear, Mandy is pregnant, Nicholas's ship is attacked, he disappears, believed died, Mandy and sister, and the baby depart to Nicholas's home in England, then (spoiler???) we have our HEA.

Overall an enjoyable read, but the kindle version had lots of typos. Some reviews were commenting on the similarities with Gone With the Wind, and I could see some of that, but not much, although I did see a big resemblance in Jenny's character with Ashton from John Jakes North and South.

The change in peoples lives in the North as the war progresses is described really well, Mandy's character grows with these changes, but I wished we could've seen Nicholas's side after he disappears instead of just having all the focus on Mandy.

A good historical read, but for some reason I found the romance forced, I just didn't feel it although it was expressed in many ways so many times.

3.5 stars