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The Marsh King's Daughter - Elizabeth Chadwick 3.5 stars

Miriel is sent to the convent by her stepfather, she is unhappy and thoughts of leaving are forever on her mind. Escape is made easy by Nicholas who she nurses back to live and then demands that he help her in payment.

Nicholas has secrets of his own and doesn't wish to have his plans affected by having to escort a runaway nun but he helps Miriel anyway and lives to regret it.

That's how the book begins, but a lot more happens to both of them as the years go by, and in the style of Chadwick it's a journey through history that is really enjoyable.

History comes to life as our characters live their lives among fear, guilt, regret, death, love, lust, and ambition. I might not have liked the characters but I was attached to them and wanted them to have a happy ending.