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Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall Free on Kindle
Maybe 1.5 stars.

This book had potential to be a good story, the idea behind it was interesting, but the execution was lacking.

There was hardly any character development, the story kinda starts and finishes without us ever being introduced to it, if only the author took more time and made it a bit longer, giving us more history behind The Hatter and wonderland, a little bit more details, because it was interesting, but you kinda wait for so many answers that you don't really feel anything towards the characters.

And I didn't like Alice at all, you don't really know enough about her but when the main character is dying and you don't care and start flipping through, that's bad

I didn't care much for the language as well, it was repetitive and explicit, crude is some parts and I clicked away many pages because I didn't care for any of it.

Too bad, it was such an interesting idea especially for us who love fairytales.