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Shadowfell  - Juliet Marillier Can I say, 3.75 stars?

Marrilier's third YA book left me wishing that is wasn't YA, I feel like she could have gone into more details and gave us more on the background and story, still I liked it, as expected.

In this book we go on a journey with Neryn, as she struggles with fear, loneliness, danger, hunger, freezing and her feelings. She is on the run from the King's men, called the Enforcers, who find canny people, people with special abilities, and enslave them or kill them, destroying, home, family and village in the process.

Neryn is heading to a place where she was told she will be save, in her journey she meets the Good Falk who think she is special, and a mysterious man called Flint, who saves her life and help her in many other ways. Yet, she can not bring herself to trust anyone, and she is specially cautious of Flint.

The book ends where the bigger journey for Neryn starts, which leaves us wondering what will happen in the next books in the series.