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Heartbreaker - Julie Garwood My first Contemporary Romantic Thriller from JG, I enjoyed it, but because I really LOVE her historicals I think that affected my experience and my rating.

The thriller part was very interesting and smartly written, the pieces of the puzzle all fit in the end, I had my suspicion from the beginning, but I was never sure until the end.

The romance fell short, it wasn't the kind that you feel and cheer up for them, not like her other books, but again I think that comparing the two genres has affected my judgment.

The writing style was a typical JG style, and so were the characters.

The dialogues and the way she ends and begins chapters are so familiar. Even the mysterious chapters with the villain were similar to the ones in Castles, and I liked that.

Nick was arrogant, possessive, controlling, jealous, caring and totally lost when it came to Laurent, just how I like my heroes. And his last name was Buchanan!

Tommy and Noah were really interesting characters as well, I want to read more about them, especially Noah.

The ending was thrilling and had me rushing with the excitement, I liked how Laurent was really strong to the end.

And then Nick flew all the way to Paris. (even though he is afraid of flying) Perfect.

I think it would make a good movie.

I do want to read the rest of the series, the Buchanans have always been interesting.

But I just WISH JG would write Historicals again.

This was a group buddy read.