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A Rose in the Storm - Brenda Joyce 3.5 stars

This review is for a free copy courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley

This book was full of history. Familiar historical names are interwoven with the fictional characters to produce a solid historical setting.

It is the year 1306, Robert the Bruce is at war with England, he has proclaimed himself King of Scotland. He is on the march to Scone capturing castles and gathering
supporters as he go.

Alexander MacDonald known as the Wolf is at the gates of Castle Fyne capturing it to gain its support for Bruce's cause.

But Castle Fyne is Margaret Comyn's inheritance, left to her by her much beloved mother, it's her dowry for her marriage to Sir Guy, an English Nobleman, a marriage arranged by her uncle to strengthen the relationship with the English now that King Edward rules Scotland.

Margret tries to defend her inheritance but fails and Alexander takes Castle Fyne, making Margret and her brother Will his prisoners. Alexander is obviously interested in Margret, despite the fact that their families have feuded forever, but Scotland is at war and he must follow the Bruce. And Margret escapes but to what fate?

Both Alexander and Margret are closely involved in the struggle and war, which brings them together and divides them many times.

The history was as accurate as I can tell, which had me wondering about our main characters fate till the end. I really enjoyed reading this book, history comes alive as you read, and realistic too, which i think was the best part. Margret had to make a lot of hard choices, sometimes I agreed and sometimes they were necessary and realistic.

But the book fell short on relationship development.
Margret and Alexander fell in love despite all the circumstances. You read about how passionate she feels towards him, but you don't actually feel it!

I also think Alexander's character was very well written.

Overall a good historical read and I really enjoyed it.