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Mercy - Julie Garwood 2.5 stars

It started really well and interesting, I thought that I was going to enjoy it more, but it started getting real slow for me once Theo got in the picture.

There was so much of Theo and Michelle just hanging around Bowen. I was like come on, where is the action.

And then at the end it kinda speeded up a bit and then I couldn't stop reading it.

I was a bit disappointed with how Michelle's intelligence was handled, as you read you don't really see it, it was like she but it all into becoming a doctor!

And I didn't care much for Theo, he was just OK. And that's why I didn't care much for the romance.

Jake and John Paul were quite interesting. And Monk, one of the bad guys was interesting as well. Which makes me want to read the next book, since its John Paul's book, with Monk still the bad guy.

Noah also makes an appearance which only made me like him more, I want to reach his book quickly.

Overall not a bad read, but not enough suspense.