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Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins So, I read the three books one after the other, and while reading I kept thinking about how when we were younger my B friend and i would make up all those stories thinking how good they were and how they'd make really good movies, these stories were usually crammed with everything we could come up with, and instead of a good ending they dragged longer than necessary!
That's how these books felt to me!

By the time I reached Mockingjay I was already tired from reading the first two non stop, I needed this book to hold my interest and grap me to go on reading, but it didn't, I was really dissapointed of how District 13 was presented to us, everytime something was described images from "Future Boy Conan" flashed in my mind, and then there was the disappointment in Katniss.

I don't know how many times we had to read about her waking up from delusional dreams only to find herself recovering from something, it just got annoying, just like Katniss, one would think she would grow in the third book, instead she is more lost, clueless and selfish. She just runs around aimlessly trying to do something but not succeeding, I'm glad she made up her own mind at the end, but it was too late I was already not interested and flipping through to finish the book.

And then there was the love triangle, what was the purpose of it when in the end she didn't get to choose, she doesnt even fall in love with one of them, it was like Peeta is here so Peeta it is. But, no matter how romantic Peeta was, or how heartless Gale was portrayed in the end, I still think Gale was better.

And I don't know why Finnick had to die :(

Oh, and I really hate the mutts.

I wish this third book was a different book. It was a really lonely, depressing trilogy. I'm not sure if all this violence is fine in a YA book!

Would I recommend this book: No, but I would recommend the first one.

Would I read this author again: Not sure, she has made me read non stop, but in the end I was disappointed.