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Flowers from the Storm - Laura Kinsale 4.5 stars

This book is such an emotional reading experience, one that you just want to have again.

Starting this book was a bit difficult, I couldn't get into it, I became a bit annoyed, thinking that it's not the first time I read such good reviews about a book only to be disappointed.

Then the author took us in Jervaulx's mind, when things first started to change, and I was hooked.

Jervaulx (Christian from now on) is a powerful man, title (a duke), money, intelligent (a math wiz), he's got it all, we see a glimpse of this powerful man in the beginning and then we go into his mind and we experience his downfall.

He has what I think is a stroke, that affects his mind. Mostly he can think stright, but he can't express himself as speech is difficult for him. He also has a difficulty deciphering what he is hearing, he hears a jumble of words that takes his mind some time to understand. And there is a bit of physical difficulty with his right hand. I wish the author gave us an explanation of his medical condition like maybe in an afterward.

To be able to see first what everyone think he is doing or trying to say, how they interpret his actions. Then to be in his mind and know what he's thinking, what he's trying to get through, is what makes this book amazing.

Christian is the reason why this book is such a good read, why it's getting such high reviews, his character is so strong, so determined, and so proud. He tries to keep to his sanity and takes control, despite how everything else around him is against him. And the fact that he's so proud to talk in public is why I teared up at the end, the things he does for Maddy, for love is very heart touching.

Maddy is virtuous, determined, strong in facing others to help Christain. She gives up her way of living to be with him. She is in a struggle between her believes and the way she was raised, and between being with Christian an loving him. But for some reason I just couldn't like her enough.

And it's her believes, being a Quaker, and the way she talked is the reason why I want to give it 4.5 stars instead of 5. Her Quaker speech was getting on my nerves, and I totally agreed with Christain everytime he called her that "thee - thou" (woman).

This book was in my head the whole time, even now two days after I finished it, it was affecting my mood that I just couldn't go on with my day to day life as I normally would. I wanted more, and I just know that it's a read more than once book, a keeper and I actually think I will get a PB copy as well.

Highly recommended.