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The Sword Dancer - Jeannie Lin 4.5 stars

This review is for a free copy courtesy of Harlequin via NetGalley

This was a very enjoyable, exciting book, I found myself rushing thorough it, but when I finished it I wanted to relive it again, slower.

The Sword Dancer is set in China during the Tang Dynasty, an unfamiliar setting for me, which made this book all the more interesting.


Li Feng is more than just a sword dancer, which Thief-hunter Han notices while watching her dance, he is intrigued by her and when fighting erupts after the show he can't help himself from giving chase after her, time and again, over walls and rooftops, they find each other only to have her leave him again, but he always finds her in the end.

These two are perfect for this book

Li Feng is a woman who is haunted by faint memories and she is determined to find the truth about herself and her family, this takes her to join the rebels and makes her an outlaw, chased by Han who tries to find the truth about this woman he cannot stop thinking about, together they discover things about corruption، and past injustice but most importantly about themselves.


I loved this book, and I loved the main characters, Li Feng is strong, stubborn and solid. She had impressive sword skills and could move silently and quickly. She was consistent and focused, and never let anything affect her goal. Han was honorable and strong, and very determined.

The Romance and Adventure in this book gets equal coverage. The romance builds up strongly, especially from Han's side and you find yourself eagerly waiting for them to be together. All the while you are having an adventure with them where you breathlessly run around and investigate with them.
I found this book to be more romantic than other books that focus entirely on Romance.

There is s scene in the book that reminded me so much of this one

This was my first book by Jeanni Lin, but it most definitely won't be my last.

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