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One Wore Blue - Heather Graham An entertaining read.

I might have enjoyed the historical details a little bit more than the romance since that was a bit typical.

I have read a few Civil war fiction before, but I might have forgotten the details, because I think I learned a few new things about it.

The two main characters were very typical but well written, although that strong and independent and a little spoiled southern heroine has been done before, Kiernan comes off as a bit annoying to me at times, I found myself thinking at one point "sorry but your no Scarlett".

Unfortunately for the book I have read another one with a the main character as a doctor during the civil war, one that gave lots more details on the subject.

I feel like I'm being a bit harsh since I did enjoy reading it, and I actually want to read the other two in the series.

A bit of a warning though for those NOT interested in the history, there is lots of it.

This review is for a Free copy courtesy of Random House via NetGalley