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A Night Like This  - Rosalyn Landor, Julia Quinn More like 3.5, but I'm giving it a 4 for the audio book experience.

This was a typical JQ, but reading it was a different and new experience since it was my first audio book.

I was a bit skeptical about listening to a book, I thought my mind would start wondering and that I would not pay attention.

But I think choosing a JQ book was a good choice, because the way she writes is like banter, and the narrater was reading just like I myself read JQ books to myself, I was quite excited and happy.

I found myself getting into the story and thinking about it and laughing, sometimes out loud. And I liked the fact that I can do other things while "reading", like play game and crochet :)

But soon the excitement dulled a bit as I realized that I could only listen to it when I was alone, like while waiting for the kids in the school parking or after they go to bed (when I'm totally exhausted), and so it took me much longer to finish it.

It's only fair that I now talk about the book in its review and not only on the experience.

The second Smith-Smyth book starts of with some familiar events but this time from a different point of view, Anne, the governess who was asked to save the musicale, and Daniel, Honoria's brother who returns at the end of Just Like Heaven.

There is instant attraction between these two, but while Daniel pursues this attraction and try to take it forward, Anne is trying to avoid it with all she got. Even though she is trying to save her job, we soon find out that she has secrets of her own and that she really want to keep a low profile and avoid trouble.

There are so many female secondary characters and they have such interesting and confusing conversations that its not boring at all.

And we are very smartly introduced to the couple for the next Smith-Smyth books, that now I can't wait to read.

A quite enjoyable read and a good audio book experience that I can't wait to try again.