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The Spirit Keeper: A Novel - K.B. Laugheed Katie is a seventeen year old Irish immigrant who is living a hard life, a tough mother and a drunken father and a crowded house with lots of siblings and their kids. Her life is full of beatings, hunger and sickness.
She wants nothing more than to get away from it all, only she didn't think it would be by being a captive to Native Americans.

Syawa and Hector have travelled very far and tiring journey in order to find the creature of Fire and Ice, the one Syawa (a seer) saw in a vision and need to bring back home to his people. That creature being Katie!

Slowly Katie realizes their intentions and why they treat her respectfully. On their long journey back home she starts to learn the language and the way of life, she tries to overcome her fears and let go of her hurtful past. And she learns about love and trust.

Most of the book is just that, a journey, a very detailed one, to the point where we are told about Katie's monthly every month, I should have kept count.

Most of these details are interesting and some are insights into Katie's past and life and why she is the person she is now.

And because of these details we see the progress of the romance and the relationship between the three travelers.

But the book was a little boring in some parts and I had to struggle to get past them in order to finish, I guess it's because it's narrated by Katie and she was having communicating problems with her travelers. Which also led to the fact that we knew very little about the other characters.

Also it was a bit philosophical for my taste, and I totally didn't get the ending, it somehow made me feel cheated.
Katie's conclusion at the end had me a bit disappointed as well.

this review is for an ARC courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley