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Ṭarīqatī Al Khāṣah

Ṭarīqatī Al Khāṣah - Mithāʼ Khayyāṭ, Maya Fidawi Even though it's more a girls book, I read it with the boys and they enjoyed it and had a good laugh, but it's a book we've read only once!
I'm keeping it on my keepers shelf because it's a book I like to read and re- read with the girls (my nieces), I love the concept of this book and wish there was a whole series of them.
Even though the kids enjoy the illustrations, I didn't, I wish they were more cultural related to enforce believes and values, I think there are just to many universal books out there that a little bit of home would be much appreciated.
But I do understand the need to make it more for little readers everywhere, and hey if the kids love these illustrations that's what's important, right?