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Baba Zayed

Father Zayed بابا زايد - Salha Ghabish صالحة غابش I grabbed this book when I saw it without opening it, I thought with a title like that, it would be perfect for my 6yr.

Well, I'm disappointed, the events were all over the place and the ideas are not organized and lacking.
The first thing the author talks about is that his father died when he was young and he went to Al Ain, then a few pages later, she talks about the things he learned in his fathers majles and what his father taught him!?? A bit confusing since he was dead in the first page!
Then we are suddenly reading about his environmental interest, with a quick end on forming the Emirates.

My 6 yr was not interested, he had one question, Why did Baba Zayed go to Al Ain?
A question I had to answer since the book doesn't say.

The illustrations were not good as well.

After I read it I had this urge to return the book and demand a refund!!!!

My kids really enjoy it when I go through Noor Ali Rashid, Shaikh Zayed photo book with them, they have learned so much from that.

I hope Kalimat read this, my kids and I really love your books, but this one needed lots of editing!